Here's How We Zoom!

We're excited to offer a daily virtual group class schedule via Zoom to help bring our all-star DYF community together to move more, protect our health, support one another and stay connected!  

We've been learning, testing and refining things behind the scenes to get everything lined up.  Granted, there may be a wrinkle we’ve missed <wink!>, a few unexpected surprises that pop-up, but we hope you’re willing to try this with us!

To join our DYF Zoom classes, follow these steps. And, please know you can email Katy,, with any questions. 

First, sign up on our website. You’ll see classes are labeled as VIRTUAL.

If you are a DYF auto-pay monthly member, your class is included in your monthly membership. If you are not a member or solely use class passes, you can purchase Virtual class single passes through Mind Body.  Email Katy with questions at

Next, an automatic confirmation email will be generated and sent to you from Defining You. 

Several minutes before class begins, click on the link.  Please note, you can use your phone, a tablet or your laptop as your preferred participation device; 

  • If you are using a laptop computer, the meeting will start within your browser. If not, you can download the browser client by going here
  • If you are using an Apple iPhone or iPad click here to get the app (“ZOOM Cloud Meetings” in the Apple App store-the app is free)
  • If you are using an Android phone or tablet click here to get the app (“ZOOM Cloud Meetings” in the Google Play store-the app is free)

You’ll be placed in a virtual “waiting room” until the instructor starts class. 

You may be prompted to “Join Audio.” Click on that icon in the lower left and choose “Call via Device Audio.” 

Your instructor will check-in with attendees, offer a brief class overview and a few reminders.

Once everyone is ready, instructors will hit “mute” to help avoid background noise and distractions during the workout.

At the close of class, the instructor will un-mute to check in and gather your input. 

A few other notes: 

  • If you get dropped from the class, which does happen now and then, just click the link again to get back in.
  • Most classes will not use music. But a few instructors are going to experiment and try streaming tunes while teaching. 
  • It may feel a little awkward at first, not being able to see and communicate easily with each other as readily as we can in a studio class. But, we are determined to make this work! We appreciate your feedback, especially as we work toward seamless virtual classes and sessions. 
  • Last, if you can’t make a virtual class, please know we can share a link to the recorded version on iCloud. We also plan to upload select classes to YouTube, and we’ll have new class content in the queue to help us all keep moving and grooving during this time! 
  • During this start-up phase, instructors are planning for classes to be 35 to 45 minutes long.

Thank you for being open to this new adventure at DYF. Again, let us know if you have questions or comments as we forge ahead!