Defining you fitness flex-tras

Flex Your Membership!

DYF Launches Member FLEX-TRAS


Being a Defining You monthly auto-pay member now comes with FLEX-TRAS! 

That means members can flex their monthly membership by taking advantage of exclusive perks, such as DYF Open Gym, Studio Discounts and Buddy Passes. We're especially excited to offer one-on-one goal-setting sessions with one of DYF's supportive Personal Trainers. Members have an option of sitting down to review fitness goals, training questions or wellness opportunities with:

  • Lori Dufresne - PMA Certified Pilates Trainer
  • Michele Finley - PMA Certified Pilates Trainer
  • Ann Hobbie - ACE Certified Personal Trainer
  • Molly McAvoy - PMA Certified Pilates Trainer and ACE Certified Personal Trainer

FLEX-TRAS are a small way we can say 'Thank you!' to our community of valued DYF members. And we hope these benefits further clients' mind and body transformation toward a healthier, happier you!

We've highlighted the benefits below. Please note that DYF Open Gym is available anytime there is a class taking place at the studio, based on our Defining You online schedule.

If you have a question about your FLEX-TRA benefits, please ask the front desk or email

And, this is just the beginning...we will continue to add discounts, deals and perks as part of the Defining You Fitness FLEX-TRA program. Stay tuned! 


A few more details...

Connecting With a Personal Trainer

To arrange your 30-minute goal-setting session with a DYF trainer, please email to set up a convenient time! 

Open Gym Restrictions

Please note: given the complexities of the Pilates Reformer and Apparatus equipment, these are not included in Open Gym.