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Defining You Pilates & Fitness offers pilates, fitness & exercise classes in Saint Paul

Introductory Group Class Package: 1 Month Unlimited Class Pass ~ $49 or 1 Month Unlimited Class Pass including 2 Reformer Classes ~$79. LIMITED TO NEW CLIENTS ONLY

Introductory 3 Private Session Package: 3 private sessions ~ $180 ($60/session)

Introductory Single Lesson: 1 hour introductory Private Functional Training or Pilates session at a discount rate ~ $63.

*All Introductory Packages expires 4 weeks from purchase.



$49 INTRO Package
1 Month Unlimited Classes
NEW Clients Only

$79 INTRO Package
1 Month Unlimited Classes
Includes 2 Reformer Classes
NEW Clients Only

and Class Package OPTIONS

Monthly Unlimited Classes


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  • Prana Stretch® >

    Wednesday, May 25
    7:30 ~ 9pm


    Wednesday, July 13
    7:30 ~ 9pm


    Prana Stretch® is a deeply healing and relaxing group class that focuses on ones own life force energy; prana. You will be guided through various asanas (mainly lying on the back and stomach) throughout the class. For every 4-5 students there is an instructor present to give hands on massage, adjustments, and healing touch. Props such as the yoga strap and block will be incorporated as well as guided breath work.


    Please wear comfortable loose fitting clothes. We suggest layering in order to stay warm.

    Class size is limited.

    Cost is $35 per class.

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  • NEW Classes >

    Ballet Barre

    Sunday 9:30 - 10:30 am


    Experience the movement of a Dancer in this heart pumping fun class. You will move to the tempo of upbeat music with ballet-inspired barre stretches and exercises to work the thighs, calves, glutes and posture. Small hand-weights and floor exercises are used to work the biceps, triceps, chest, back and shoulders. Additional exercises are performed at the barre to improve strength and flexibility, followed by planks, push-ups, abs and other core exercises, before winding down with stretching. Isometric strength exercises combined with a focus on posture, alignment and stretching build muscle while avoiding injury. No Ballet or Dance experience necessary. Desire to Dance and Sweat required! Class is 60 minutes.



    Monday ~ 12 PM - 12:45PM


    Tabata is an amazing, non-stop, "never get bored workout" that is scientifically proven to increase your endurance and athletic performance, decrease your body fat, and increase your metabolism! You will push through 20 second intervals of high intensity cardio/strength exercise followed by 10 seconds of rest, just enough to catch your breath and wipe your brow. The series repeats 8 times, then on to another set of exciting exercises. Get in the best shape of your life, feel the burn, and waste no time!


    Spin + Strength

    Monday 5:45 pm - 6:45 pm


    Spin + Strength combines two great workouts into a body blasting 60 minute workout. This class begins with building Strength in the Upper Body - Chest, Back, Arms and Abs, followed by spinning to challenge you cardiovascularly! We will utilize TRX, bands, medicine balls, dumbbells and more in a circuit style class sure to make you feel new muscles! Form and proper technique will be taught, so this class is perfect for all ability levels!


    Restorative Yoga + Gentle Strength

    Friday 10:45 - 11:45 am


    Restorative yoga provides healing for the body and the mind. It helps to eliminate fatigue and stress that result from your daily activities. This class will consist of basic yoga poses, gentle stretching, balance exercises and light strength work.

  • Connect Your Fitbit to Your Classes >

    Our class scheduling system, MINDBODY, and Fitbit® have integrated to provide MINDBODY Connect® users with more information about their fitness workouts. After syncing your MINDBODY Connect app with your Fitbit activity tracker, you will be able to capture specific personal activity data like total active minutes, calories burned and heart rate achieved during your booked workouts. READ MORE

  • Group Parties >

    Pilates Mat, Reformer, Pilates Barre or Spinning

    For more information & to schedule a party, email


  • Sunrise Paddle Pilates >

    Thursday, July 14 ~ 6 - 7am


    Join us for an amazing Paddle and Pilates Class at Sunrise on Lake Nokomis.

    The Class will consist of Paddling, Conditioning exercises, such as Push-Ups, squats and Planks, and Pilates Exercises.

    The early morning calm of the lake and a full body workout is an awesome experience you won't want to miss.

    Class will also include Coffee, juice, and edibles.

    Class is limited to 7 participants.


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